2009-01-23 21:51:04 by Plumpman

I'm an indie game developer who's got several successful games under his belt!

Its finally here, the overhauled version has been released for widespread consumption.

Joining forces with Slasher145, we have done a collab to release this updated version to the masses.

Thanks Slasher145 for all your help, and No1r for the beautiful music.

Shape Escape Concept Overhaul

2008-07-14 23:07:01 by Plumpman

Joining forces with me is Slasher145, who's helping me out in the graphics department.

The shape escape concept posted last week is now being overhauled to a full version and includes new game mechanics, more levels, updated graphics, and much more.

Look for the full release of the game in the coming weeks.


2008-07-14 09:04:28 by Plumpman

Hello everyone, I'm finally glad to be aboard the Newgrounds bandwagon!